Japanese Cuisine isn't just about the foods,  but rather it is an art, an attitude, and also an appreciation.  At Misaki, we are always searching for the talents to create all the necessary elements that we desire to bring every one of our customer our most superior services. Whether you are looking to improve your sushi skills or you have a unique perspective about cooking, or perhaps you enjoy interacting with people... be sure to let us know what you have in your mind. 


we are currently searching talents for the following positions

-sushi apprentices must have positive attitudes, able to work among rapid pace environment, work in coordination with chefs and responsible for daily prep works and respectful with co-workers. Passionate about improving your sushi skills.


-dishwashers(kitchen helper) must have the ability to lift up average 30 lbs of dish load, and help out simple kitchen task when needed, respectful with co-workers. English speaking is a plus and must be able to work on weekends, must be clean and organized.


-servers must have good sushi knowledge, treat customers well with attentive respectful manners. must be able to speak and read English. Team player, must be able to work in coordination with other servers and staffs.


-hostess must have a positive attitude, thorough and respectful with customers. must be able to speak and read English, have good knowledge of Japanese Cuisine is a plus. must be available to work on weekends. 


you may contact us by completing the form below or call us between the hours of 2:30pm - 4:30pm Monday through Sunday 

be part of our team

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